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Study programmes in Czech

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Bachelor’s Study Branches

  • Applied Environmental Economics, Management and Politics
  • Economics
  • National Economics
  • Public Administration and Regional Development

Follow-up Master’s Study Branches (Major Specializations):

  • Economics and Economic Analysis
  • Economic Policy
  • Environmental Economics and Management
  • Public Administration and Regional Development

Five-year Master’s Study branches:

  • National Economics
  • Public Administration and Regional Development

Brief Characteristics of Bachelor Study Programmes

This study programme enables students to comprehend functioning of the market mechanism in the context of international economic and economic-policy relations. The most substantial aim of the programme is to educate students so they can easily cope with changing business conditions in the new, largely globalized world and a knowledge-based environment. Graduates from Economics are generally able to find their occupation in both analytical and managerial positions of international or multinational companies. Also, they should be well prepared to continue their studies, preferably by choosing Economics and Economic Analysis master’s study branch.

National Economics (within the Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Study Programmes and the Master’s Degree Major Specialization Economic Policy).
The study of National Economies prepares students for careers in almost all spheres of the national economy. Graduates have taken on a wide range of careers in economic and research sections of banks, financial institutions, large public and private companies, state and regional administration, and central and regional authorities. Study programmes can be modified in the framework of optional courses for careers in public administration, namely in municipal and local administrations, employment offices, social security, as well as authorities and institutions for environmental protection.

Public Administration and Regional Development (within the Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Study Programmes and Master’s Degree Major Specialization)
The objective of this study programme is to provide complex knowledge of regional and administration issues that are necessary for decision making in the areas of regional and municipal policy, regional development and public administration in the Czech Republic, as well as institutions of the European Union. Upon completion of their studies graduates will have acquired knowledge of regional issues, public administration, economics and other social sciences which will allow them to perform managerial as well as specialized activities in several areas. This includes regional and municipal development, public administration, and expert and advisory activities in research institutions. They may find careers in local, municipal and central authorities of state administration, as well as various institutions of the European Union.

Minor Specializations:

  • Contemporary Economic History
  • Economics and Law
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economic Theory
  • Economic Journalism
  • Economic and Social Policy
  • Regional and Urban Development
  • Regional Development and European Integration
  • Social Policy