Application requirements and procedure

Any person who has (or will have) completed a Bachelor’s degree can seek admission. A photocopy of a successful applicant’s BA degree certificate (or an Honour Pledge signed by the applicant that (s)he has completed a BA degree) is due upon enrolment.

There are typically two admission rolls per year: one in late spring for studies starting in September; the other in December/January for studies starting in February.

All Applications must be submitted electronically through the portal on (deadlines usually early May and mid-December).

After submitting the Application form, the applicant will receive (via e-mail to the address registered on the Application form) a note with the number of the bank account to which the Application Fee should be paid. Please note that the Application is only considered complete upon the full Fee being posted to the account. Should less money than the full amount of the Application Fee be posted (because a bank has subtracted an interbank transfer fee, for example), the Application will not be considered complete.

Besides filing the Application form electronically, all applicants must also provide their CV and a short motivation letter describing their expectations about the programme. Successful applicant will be selected and announced typically within a month after the due date for Applications.