Application requirements for ECON

Application requirements and procedure

Please read carefully the following points!

Conditions for Admission to the BSc of Economics at the Faculty of Economics:

We do require registration of an E-application (see How to apply) and submission of:

  • ECOn ECON Application form 2018/19
  • a legalized/notarized copy of a High school leaving certificate (as soon as it becomes available after obtaining it) plus translation into English (if in other language than Czech, Slovak or English)
  • nostrification of a High school leaving certificate if applicable (as soon as it becomes available. For more info see the Recognition of Previous Education)
  • a Motivation letter (see Entrance exam)
  • a copy of passport
  • a receipt of payment for the admission fee /EUR 50, which works to CZK 1380, required if the paymnet is missing in INSIS)
  • s structural CV
  • an Essay of a given economic topic (part of the ECON Application form 2017/2018)


Knowledge of English is a prerequisite and must be proven within the entrance exam. No English language test is required.