International Involment of the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business offers various opportunities to students, especially unique experience from the international environment together with improvement of language skills.


Faculty of Economics offers study programs in English. In the academic year 2012/2013, the Bachelor’s degree program Economics was opened, which corresponds to the bachelor program Economics taught in the Czech language. Currently, 105 students are enrolled in this program.
You can find out more about the Bachelor program in Economics


In the academic year 2019/2020, the Master’s degree program Economics and Public Policy will be newly opened. The program structure corresponds to modern master’s programs of this type abroad. Key courses in this program include: Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics, Financial Markets and Monetary Policy, International Trade, Theory and Policy, and others.
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Various international experts are lecturing at the Faculty of Economics at the Prague University of Economics and Business. These include for example:

  • Paola Bertoli, M.A., MSc, Ph.D. (University of Bologna, Erasmus University of Rotterdam) Paola Bertoli is an assistant professor focusing on economic analysis of law, economics of health, competitiveness and competition protection. Prior to joining the Department of Economics, she was a researcher at the University of Verona and an Italian Antritrust Authority at the European Competition Commission, where she gained experience as a competition consultant.
  • Niclas Berggren, Ph.D.(Stockholm School of Economics). Research of associate professor Niclas Berggren focuses on the areas of institutional economics, cultural economics (with particular emphasis on determinants and consequences of trust, tolerance and religion) and exploring the role of beauty in politics.



If you study a program in the Czech language, many of the compulsory, compulsory-elective and all-optional courses can be studied in English. Core and elective courses include: Chapters in Economic Policy, Basic Microeconomics, Basic Macroeconomics, Economics of Life, Environmental and Energy Economics, Game Theory, Regional Economics, Competition Policy and Regulation, and others. Moreover, our students will receive additional points in the selection process for foreign exchange programs (e.g. within the Erasmus + program) for completing these courses in English.
You can find the complete list of courses in the Course Catalog.



The Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business, systematically develops international relations with foreign partner universities. In 2017, Faculty of Economics started cooperation with Ocean University of China (School of Economics), on the basis of regular summer and winter schools held in Prague. Students of Faculty of Economics have a unique opportunity to participate in the program of these schools and meet with Chinese students. Currently, Faculty of Economics is also intensifying cooperation with the Shanghai University, with a joint double-degree program as one of the future options.
Apart from that, Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business has joined the European Master of Law and Economics (EMLE) program, which is multiple-degree Master’s degree program under the EU Erasmus Mundus Education Program.


Faculty of Economics also organizes networking events in cooperation with the International Study Programs. Our students have unique opportunity to attend lectures delivered by international experts followed by discussion with lecturers and students from all over the world. For example, Faculty of Economics hosted students from the Indiana University (USA) in 2018 and international students from EADA Business School (Spain) in 2019.



The Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business has been cooperating with the Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the OECD in Paris by sending students for an internship. We offer students an interesting position and a priceless international work experience, which might be helpful in competitive job market. Last but not least, by participating as an intern, our students also gain necessary insight and important life experience, whose character is unique. The duration of traineeship is approximately 3 months and corresponds to a one half workload.



Faculty of Economics of the Prague University of Economics and Business supports contacts with international students. If our students are interested in meeting students from all over the world, learning new cultures and practicing a foreign language, they can enroll in the Buddy Program and help foreign students with their orientation at the Prague University of Economics and Business. In addition, participation in the Buddy Program is reflected in selection for foreign study stays.



awarded as standard courses by credits. Apart from standard foreign languages ​​(English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish), it is also possible to enroll Chinese, Swedish or Portuguese.



Faculty of Economics is well ranked among prestigious research centres and collaborates with visiting foreign professors, including:

  • Veronica Grembi (University of Milan)
  • Tomáš Cvrček (London’s Global University)
  • Alex Klein (Kent University)
  • Therese Nilsson (Lundt University)