5MEP Modern Economic and Political History (in English)

Modern Economic and Political History

(courses taught in the English language)

(from SS 2015/2016)

Aims of the study and a profile of a graduate

A graduate with a minor in “Modern Economic History” will acquire specific knowledge and skills in the field of economic and political history of Europe, United States of America, or Latin America, which can usefully complement the major. The aim is to highlight the fact that many of the current problems of the global world often have historical roots. Mostly in the form of case studies and discussions, crucial political events and economic processes in the world economy are analyzed in a historical perspective. Students will become familiar with the specifics of historical and cultural development of the Czech lands.
After successful completion of the minor, a graduate may work in public administration, public institutions, diplomacy, media, education, and research. The minor’s goal is for students to learn to independently and critically explore the past and provide them with comprehensive knowledge of economic, social, political and cultural development of society in relation to the present, thus to offer them a broad educational structure. Students will be guided to a more general understanding of the development of social sciences and economic processes and during the practical part they will learn to work with historical sources, they will adopt a critical approach to literature, papers and information on the internet. Students will develop creative thinking, skill in writing scientific text.

Conditions: none. Information in Czech on enrolling in minors can be found on this website of Faculty of Economics http://nf.vse.cz/studenti/vedlejsi-specializace/.

Number of enrolled students: 50.
The recommended length of study: 2 semesters.

Compulsory courses (sP group; 18 ECTS credits)

5HD250 Economic History (2/2, 5 ECTS)
5HD280 From Kafka to Havel: Introduction into the History and Culture of Czech Lands (2/0, 3 ECTS)
5HD358 Economic and Political History of Europe in the 20th Century (1918-1991) (2/0, 3 ECTS)
5HD375 History of Latin America after 1945 (2/0, 3 ECTS)
5HD396 America from Independence to Financial Crisis: Special Topics in U.S. Economic History (0/2, 4 ECTS)

Elective courses (sV group; 12 ECTS credits)

5HD450 Chapters in History of the Cold War (2/0, 3 ECTS)
5HD381 Chapters in Economic History (2/0, 4 ECTS)
5HD382 Chapters in Economic History (2/0, 4 ECTS)
5HD383 Chapters in Economic History (2/0, 4 ECTS)
2SM411 Asia in International Relations – in English – (2/2, 6 ECTS)
2SM412 Africa in International Relations – in English (2/2, 6 ECTS)
IP_325 European Integration (2/2, 7 ECTS)

Note: In the case of transition from a bachelor to master type of study, the rules are set out in the Bílá kniha NF (see Chapter 2.6.2). The course already completed is replaced by another course in the required scope and number of ECTS credits within the above mentioned elective courses. Student submits the appropriate application.

State exam in the minor (5MEP)

State exam consists of an oral exam from compulsory courses 5HD280; 5HD358; 5HD375; 5HD396.
Upon successful completion of the state exam, the student obtains 3 ECTS. (One ECTS credit corresponds to 26 hours of workload for an average student.). State exam will be taught in English.

More information and topics for the state exam in the minor Modern Economic and Political History (5MEP) will be added later.

Diploma thesis in the minor

Students of the minor will complete 5HP500 Diploma Thesis Seminar. Students from other faculties will be processed individually.