Looking back at Innovation Week at the Faculty of Economics

8 Apr
12 Apr

For the third year, the Innovation Week was held at the Prague University of Economics and Business. During this week, there was no regular teaching, instead the individual faculties prepared variousevents for students. The Innovation Week aims to modernise teaching at the VŠE, strengthen itspractical dimension and make studying more interesting and fun. The Faculty of Economics activelyparticipated in this initiative and presented a number of events.

The Innovation Week started with a series of lectures 5EN383 Chapters in Economics III – FinancialStatements Analysis, Practical Guide for Economists by visiting Professor Nikolaos Belesis from theUniversity of Piraeus. Other guest professors who lectured during the Innovation Week also includedvisiting professor Theodor Koutmeridis from the University of Glasgow, who delivered the 5EN382 Chapters in Economics II – Economics, Psychology and Experiments course at the VŠE. Theodor Koutmeridis also presented a paper on Corporate Inequality and Disadvantage in the Workplace: Payroll Evidence from a Financial Sector Firm as part of the Research Seminar Series.

Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to listen to a range of lectures by expertsfrom practice and our academics.

Among the very interesting lectures was undoubtedly a lecture by ČEZ experts – Ing. Aleš Zatloukal and Ing. Dalibor Dymák on the topic of project management in practice.

JUDr. Ladislav Švec from the Office of Health Insurance prepared a thematic lecture for thestudents on the concept of sustainability of the Czech healthcare in the future.

Juraj Hvorecký, Ph.D. prepared a lecture on Artificial Intelligence: ethics and cognition in thedigital age.

The fashion expert Ing. Lucie Marková from Design by Lucie, a fashion designer, in a lecturededicated to the Economics of Fashion in the context of environmental sustainability and thechallenges associated with artificial intelligence.

Students also had the opportunity to attend a lecture by our graduate Ing. Šimon Barczi, MDP on the topic Power of Yes or from rejection to success, which illustrated how one nod of thehead at the right time can change the course of business projects and open the door to unexpected opportunities.

Lecturer Prof. Ing. Petr Drulák, Ph.D. showed how to uncover media manipulations and learncritical thinking.

Prof. Martin Kovář discussed with students the topic of Europe and the United States ofAmerica in the timeat the edge“.

PhDr. Ing. Daniel Váňa, Ph.D. prepared a thematic historical lecture for students on the topicBaroque in the Czech lands was not only about art.

Dr. Jiří Rotschedl prepared an interesting lecture for the students, who discussed investing, financial literacy, saving for retirement and insurance with the students during the InvestmentForum.

Students also had the opportunity to take part in various excursions around Prague. This year, they were offered a field trip to the Czech National Bank or a visit to the Supreme Audit Office, which included a presentation on the position and role of the SAO.


Financial Statements Analysis: Practical Guide for Economists

Series of lectures of Visiting Professor Theodor Koutmeridis, University of Glasgow

Europe and/versus the United States in the Time of “At the Crossroads”

Investment Forum – Anyone Can Truly Invest, or How Much Do I Need for Retirement?

Excursion to the Czech National Bank

Economics of Fashion vol. 2

Artificial Intelligence: Ethics and Cognition in the Digital Age

The Baroque in the Czech Lands Was Not Just About Art

Power of Yes or From Rejection to Success – The Strength of One Agreement

“How to Uncover Media Manipulations, Let’s Learn Critical Thinking”

Project Management in Practice – Lecture by Experts from ČEZ and Geomet Lithium