Rector of VŠE awarded the best teachers of 2023

On Tuesday, 5 March, the Rector of the University of Economics, Petr Dvořák, awarded the best teachers of 2023.

For the Faculty of Economics, the first place went to Ing. Jitka Špeciánová, Ph.D.
The second place went to Ing. Bc. Jiří Rotschedl, Ph.D. Third place went to prof. Ing. Zdeněk Chytil, CSc.

For the evaluation of the teacher of the year, the data obtained from student evaluations were used, which focused on the quality of the teacher, especially on his/her qualification, expertise, clarity of interpretation, but also interest and ability to answer and solve questions and problems of students. Compared to last year, the evaluation of all students across all faculties was taken into account.

Congratulations to all and we wish you many happy students in the coming semesters!

For a list of all award-winning teachers from all faculties, click here.